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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring high standard and quality nursing services to homes, Communities at affordable and accessible to all. We desire to transform the home nursing services based on personal and trusted relationship.

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Our vision

Our Vision is to be the most respected and trusted home nursing service facilitators in India and Abroad

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Our Objective

Our objective is to provide home nursing services based on qualitative & comprehensive care to the patients, Maximum comfort and happiness by way of pleasant surroundings. Formulate a personal and professional ethical framework to conduct professional nursing.

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Most of us would like to live independently at our house as the age grows, sometimes we need a helping hand...

Elderly Home

As a team of Sumukha we are committed to extend much needed love and happiness to the elders despite their age...

Qualified Nurses

Sumukha home nursing services gives priority for qualified Nurses who have the strong academic backgrounds...

Corporate Medical Rooms

Sumukha Facilitators have created innovative medical room & wellness solutions that are now available to small and medium-sized companies...

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Home Nursing Services

"Home Health" incorporates an extensive variety of wellbeing administrations to help the patient to recuperate at home under the supervision of a doctor, upheld by an exceedingly prepared nursing and treatment staff. These administrations are conveyed at home to recuperating, crippled and constant patients needing medicinal, nursing, or treatment administrations to recoup their wellbeing to the degree conceivable with the patient's general wellbeing status.

Sumukha Health Care gives you World Class Home Nursing Services for Bedridden, Elderly individuals and furthermore for patients who have experienced significant surgeries. All the nursing and treatment staff are very much prepared to give thorough Home Care and Home Nursing Services.

Home Health Care Services encompass an extensive range of health services provided to the ailing person at his home. The patient receives the treatment of the specialized medical experts, and the medical attention of the highly qualified and certified nursing and therepy personnel at his home.

The complete medical attention is given to the person. The interaction of the medical professionals with the family benefits the chance to understand the psychology of the patient and cater to his needs positively. The family gets an opportunity to consider and observe the medical needs and care and deliver them to the person efficiently in case of necessity.

Home Nursing Service Provider, ✓elderly health care agency, ✓nursing care agency in Bengaluru, Karnataka, Communities at affordable and accessible to all, Sumukha is a best Home Nursing Services & leading home care provider in Bangalore & other parts of country Since 2001, ✓Email, ✓Call Support ✓9880024265 available.


NRI Services

Concerned regarding Your Loved ones Nursing Care Support in India?

We are on a mission to make the Life of your loved ones Nursing care support in India, Our home nursing services will take care the health of your family while you are away from native , since it is not always feasible for you, to be physically present with them. You are no need to be anxious about how your family will cope; we at Sumukha Nursing services see to it that they get the best of Nursing care and medical attention on time. You can have a sigh of liberation knowing that someone is assisting your loved ones in all aspect just the way you would.



Our certified nurses facilitate post-surgery recovery and provide intimate care for all chronic illnesses.

They perform Vaccination, Tracheotomy, Wound care, Injections, urinary cauterization etc.

All the nurses are qualified with at least a diploma in GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery) with minimum 3 years of experience and have previously handled critical care.

Our charges vary upon the severity of your condition and location.

Attendant care covers all types of non-medical care for your elders or any loved one in post operative stages or in life's daily activities including personal care, nutrition and medication care, companionship, light housekeeping etc.

Our attendants will perform tasks required for daily assistance and activities of the patient only.

Attendants are not medical professionals like nurses, however we do train them for daily medical and living assistance.

Our charges vary upon the severity of your condition and location.

Elder care services covers entire range of non-medical attention for your elders with adept watchfulness in customary pursuits like personal care, nutrition and medication care, assistance with toileting, companionship, light housekeeping and other innumerable miscellaneous endeavors.

Our care takers will only look after the chores of the elders and will not perform any household regime that doesn’t pertain to care of elderly.

On special and pre-informed request, our care takers perform additional duties related to senior health care only.

Our charges for elder health care vary upon the severity of the condition, level of work and location.

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